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I design fully customized websites for small businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Your website is your modern day business card. It’s your little corner of the Internet, a hub for all things you- it should be as you as humanely possible.

I use WordPress, Elementor, and a few other gizmos and gadgets to turn your web design vision into a full-blown experience. Stick around to learn more.

The Process



This is where our creative juices first start to flow. Your job: create a mood board by gathering images, fonts, and other website layouts you like. My job: develop a brand kit and start to sketch your site's outline.



The heart of your website is alllll that content! Your job: send through the photos, videos, and text that will make up your site's pages. My job: copyedit for grammar, flow, and style, integrate these pieces with your site's outline.



Now, for the fun part! My job: make the magic happen by creating the pages and additional materials, if desired, for your website. Your job: sit back, relax, and check your email every once in a while to answer questions.



We're in the home stretch! My job: send you drafts, usually page by page, of the website and tweak pages for mobile compatibility. Your job: be as nit-picky as you want and start to prep your social media for the launch!

latest projects

design from scratch + ongoing retainer- 32 pages

Tara’s site has been unbelievably fun to create. It’s an ongoing project, as we signed a monthly retainer for another year of working together from January 2020- January 2021. 

When Tara first reached out for a quote, she knew a few things about her brand- general colors, photos from her Pinterest board, some websites that she admired. Once we created the brand board and found juuuuust the right cursive font, we were on a roll. Each header (the menu portion of the page) is completely unique to the page it’s on. We’ve created smaller headings with plenty of dropdown menus to accommodate the 32 pages (and counting!) that we’ve built from scratch.

As an intuitive, healer, and coach, the majority of Tara’s pages are landing or sales pages. As Tara’s brand has shifted and evolved over the past 6+ months working together, we’ve been able to accommodate new ideas and aesthetics that still integrate well with her overall brand, as in the New Earth Soul Biz School page in which we crafted a more colorful and bubbly alternative to a standard sales page. 

She’s expanding with a podcast, an online store, and even more opportunities to make magic with her clients– I’m grateful and honored to be along for the ride.

Home page
Readings page
The “Clairs”

Header: Something Script
Body: Lora
Accent: Sinclaire

redesign from previous website

Tereza is an absolute blast to work with and an incredibly intuitive, kind, and creative human being. She’s kind of magical.

When Tereza first reached out for a quote, she was super frustrated with the results from another WordPress plugin. Her website is blog-focused and her audience is mainly mobile, so both were very important to her. She already had her branding established through fonts, colors and photos- she just needed me to transfer designs from another plugin to Elementor and make everything mobile-friendly. 

As a spiritual mentor and coach, Tereza’s main focuses were her home page, testimonials, service pages, and the blog. Together, with her own input and design savvy, we created a unique blog page template and archive template to keep each blog post brand-cohesive. We also pulled signature sections from the home page and saved them as templates, empowering Tereza to mix and match them on new pages as her brand and business expand.

Tereza is a total ball of fun and sunshine in human form, and her website turned out pretty kickass, too. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean!

Home page
Services page
Blog archive + posts

Header: The Secret
Body: Playfair Display
Accent: Oswald

Interested in
working together?

If plain old email is more your thing- feel free to shoot me a message at amandapopovski@gmail.com.



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