Tara Goddard Estimate

What's included:

Home Page

A potential client usually visits a site for 3 seconds before deciding whether or not to stay- your home page is critical! We'll work together to make it wow and align the home page with your greater vision.

About Page

This is the second most-viewed page on a website after the Home page! Your About page will include photos of you and potent snippets of your story. The About page paints a picture of who you are, what you love, and how potential clients and customers can contact you.

Services Pages

As discussed, the "Services" page will be a ghost tab at the top of the page- underneath will be three different pages (your readings, your signature course, and your 1:1 intensives) that work together cohesively and also stand out on their own.

Events Page

We will find a widget to integrate your events from Facebook onto your page. Additional costs for widget may vary.

Podcast Page

Enjoy a fully integrated and visually appealing podcast page, complete with a description of your podcast, links to listen on different services, and an archive of all episodes.

But wait... There's more!

Coming Soon page

Keep your audience in suspense with a Coming Soon page! We link this to your URL so that your potential clients will have something pretty to look at while your site is under construction.

Branding kit

You'll receive a branding kit complete with the name and appearance of your chosen fonts and the codes for your brand colors. This makes graphic design, merch creation, and branding maintenance a breeze.

Linktree equivalent

You only have one opportunity to link your clients to your website through Instagram's bio- make the most of it! This equivalent to Linktree is completely customizable and much more personalized, including several links to different places on your site.

Site-wide copyediting

Text that is properly written, potent in it's content and precise with it's audience is critical to making your audience feel at home. We'll work together to translate your brilliant ideas into words that sparkle and captivate.

Additional expenses/requirements:


Here's how web design usually goes down.

First things first, we’ll sit down with a computer and discuss branding, vision, and everything that you want to feature on your website (in further detail, if we’ve already had an original consultation).

Your homework will be to create a mood board, on Pinterest or in a document, that shows me your company- what is your company’s vibe? What colors are you drawn to when you think of your website? What are some fonts you like? How about textures? Songs? Anything and everything will work for this mood board.

Websites are image-heavy places, artistic pieces that incorporate many layers, and your mood board will help us determine exactly how you want your audience to interact with your company.

We’ll work together during this portion of the process to write out your copy. Copy is SO important on a website- it’s like a textual mood board. 

Copy is required for everything you want on your website- the description of your services in your Home page, who you are and what you love on your About page… Even little blurbs can REALLY pop with amazing copy.

Google Drive is our preferred method, since we can make edits quickly and efficiently. Basically, you’ll write out your copy on a shared document, we’ll make edits, you’ll approve the edits, and they’ll be on your website super soon.

All photos you’d like on your website can be placed in a similar Google Drive folder so that we can access them. 

This is where the magic happens!

The first thing to be created is your Coming Soon page- during construction, this is what your clients will see! As the launch time draws closer, we’ll include a countdown to really build excitement.

During the time of web design, we’ll be in touch through email or Facebook Messenger, whichever you prefer, so that we can communicate efficiently about design decisions and the like. If a page is especially complex, we’ll be in contact more often.

Once we finish a first proof of a page, we’ll notify you so you can check it out. The proof is a first draft of a page, and is usually simpler and less sophisticated than the final product- this is simply so that you can make sure copy, images, etc. are all where you’d like them to be. Fun details like transitions will be added in later.

After everything is said and done, we’ll go through one more run through of the entire website together, via Facebook or Zoom call, to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. After that, we’ll create some hype through social media and launch!

As your business grows, you will likely need more updates. Your branding will change, new pages will be added and old ones deleted… This is where maintenance comes in.

Clients can either contract with us for a maintenance continuation, in which you’d pay a baseline fee per month, or contract on a per-page or per-project basis. This can all be discussed at the end!




What's included:


PAY IN FULL: $3,350


Payment plan examples:
2 installments: $1850 x2
3 months: $1,233/mo.
4 months: $925/mo.



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