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I’m Amanda Popovski, Social Media and Content Creator candidate for Pioneer Millworks. Thank you for visiting my portfolio- I’m glad you stopped by. Here’s what I’ll cover:

How my values and personality align with Pioneer Millworks

Why I’m qualified for this position

Some kind words that others who’ve worked with me have to offer

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My values really match this position.

Loving People

I adore human beings and understanding the perspective, passion and story of each person I encounter. I am so curious about others, so much so that I started a short-lived but very fun podcast called Humans, in which I interviewed a bunch of different people with the same core set of questions in an attempt to understand our common humanity. It’s a concept that I’m still exploring through empathetic customer service, a love of deep conversation, and my dedication to digital minimalism which frees me up for human interaction.

My friend Sana in Argentina, looking especially regal. I wish I’d had the courage to take more photos of people on the streets of Buenos Aires. Something I’m working on.

From my solo trip to Ithaca’s Botanic Gardens, where I tried really hard to stay present and not take pictures, but… come on.

Loving Nature

I’m sure that an admiration for and respect of the natural world needs no explanation with the crew at Pioneer Millworks. I feel the same way. Being in nature is a fairly spiritual, healing experience for me, and I find that the more time I spend hiking, walking, or simply observing the pond in my backyard, the more empathy, compassion, and understanding I have for all creatures everywhere. Pioneer Millworks’ dedication to sustainability, conservation, and investing in it’s team is inspiring to me and resonates with my system of values.

Loving What I Do

Do you believe that people are born with a purpose? I think we are, and I think that we’re meant to find our purpose(s) by following what lights us up and makes us feel awesome. Writing, photography, design, conscious business are the things that feel awesome to me, and sharing those values with a team that is just as motivated, passionate and value-driven would be the icing on the cake. I’m grateful that your company was started and that there’s an opportunity to incorporate marketing and social media into a business that leads with a moral compass.

Oversaturated Self Portrait in Chicago Hotel Bathroom. This camera has been with me since I was eleven years old.

Cool, but what makes me qualified?

Content Creation + Management

Social Media Content

As Marketing Coordinator at The W Spa in Clarence, NY, I’ve written, managed and posted all blogs, email newsletters, social media posts, and graphic and web designs. I’ve redesigned the spa’s website, established a cohesive brand “vibe,” updated photography and videography content across the board, and maintained sales and engagement through the COVID-19 shutdown. I’ve also create campaigns across social media platforms to promote spa services through a mix of graphic designs and curated videos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts below:


September Content Calendar/KPIs

As Marketing Coordinator, I’m tasked with creating our content calendar and ensuring a successful execution of our marketing objectives. Coordinating content creation and communication between all different positions- service providers, receptionists, management, and the marketing team- has been a fulfilling challenge throughout my time at The W Spa.

Onboarding Packet + Workbook

I’ve also had the pleasure of establishing Social Media Marketing internship and Instagram Coordinator positions, and have been lucky enough to train the incredibly talented women that fulfill those roles- Emma and Stefani. I created an onboarding packet and workbook for Emma at the start of her internship to ensure her orientation was as smooth as possible, and that I could distill in her the wealth of knowledge I had accumulated about life at The W Spa since I was hired. Clicking around these documents can give you an idea of my leadership style, writing abilities, and warm, genuine interest in human relationships.

Photography and Videography

The W Spa

The W Spa’s brand is all about luxury, relaxation, and education on the benefits of organic skincare. Our photos reflect a sense of relaxation and ease, and we aim to highlight our spa’s spacious interior and natural decor. The videos are a sampling of our promotional videography for new products and services, as well as tutorials and examples of at-home skincare for the pandemic era.



East Aurora Advertiser

Through my internship with my local paper, the East Aurora Advertiser, in 2018, I was fortunate enough to document the town’s first ever “Senior Walk,” in which graduating seniors walked through the halls of their elementary school in cap and gown greeted by current elementary students. As you can image, the kids were just beyond adorable, and watching the graduates take in their foundational school was a touching experience.

And finally, a word from the peanut gallery...

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

I look forward to hearing from you.



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