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Hi there! I’m Amanda, a jack-of-all-trades creative based in Buffalo, NY and passionate about marketing in all its forms. I’m known for my unique perspective, attention to detail, and strong communication skills, and consider myself a cheerleader and optimist in professional settings. I’m interested in expanding my marketing knowledge in the content creation and digital marketing industries, and would love to do so at Glendale!

Some fun facts about me- I’m casi fluente in Spanish, I’m passionate about minimalism, mindfulness and meditation, and my favorite books are Fahrenheit 451, The Bell Jar and A Year of Less. When I’m not clackety-clacking on a keyboard for work, I like to hike, bike, meditate, read, and explore the culinary landscape of Buffalo. My favorite food is eggplant parmesan and my three dogs are my sun, my moon, and my stars.

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Content Creation and Management

Social Media Content

As Marketing Coordinator at The W Spa, I’ve written, managed and posted all blogs, email newsletters, social media posts, and graphic and web designs. I’ve redesigned the spa’s website, established a cohesive brand “vibe,” updated photography and videography content across the board, and maintained sales and engagement through the COVID-19 shutdown. I’ve also create campaigns across social media platforms to promote spa services through a mix of graphic designs and curated videos, which you can find on our Facebook and Instagram below:


September Content Calendar/KPIs

As Marketing Coordinator, I’m tasked with creating our content calendar and ensuring a successful execution of our marketing objectives. Coordinating content creation and communication between all different positions- service providers, receptionists, management, and the marketing team- has been a fulfilling challenge throughout my time at The W Spa.

Photography and Videography

The W Spa

The W Spa’s brand is all about luxury, relaxation, and education on the benefits of organic skincare. Our photos reflect a sense of relaxation and ease, and we aim to highlight our spa’s spacious interior and natural decor. The videos are a sampling of our promotional videography for new products and services, as well as tutorials and examples of at-home skincare for the pandemic era.



East Aurora Advertiser

Through my internship with my local paper, the East Aurora Advertiser, in 2018, I was fortunate enough to document the town’s first ever “Senior Walk,” in which graduating seniors walked through the halls of their elementary school in cap and gown greeted by current elementary students. As you can image, the kids were just beyond adorable, and watching the graduates take in their foundational school was a touching experience.


Design has played a critical role in my time as Marketing Coordinator. I was very fortunate that our CEO trusted me fully to create a cohesive brand across all platforms and a consistent visual appearance, which I outlined in the Onboarding Packet created for our marketing intern. I’ve selected some social media designs below that demonstrate our brand consistency across multiple campaigns. All designs were created in Canva.

Onboarding Packet

Social Media Designs



Time Management

The key to personal success, especially in a remote era. Scheduling and self-discipline have been critical in my academic and professional successes and vital to juggling multiple projects at once.

Multimedia Experience

I have experience with WordPress and Squarespace and their blogging platforms, all social media outlets, videography, marketing copywriting and journalism. The multimedia frontier is ever-extending and always intriguing.

Customer Service

Through many retail jobs and a genuine fascination with human beings, I've come to love customer service and customers themselves. I take great pride in being bubbly, charismatic, and genuinely excited to connect with clients and coworkers while providing value that will seriously make their day.

Attention to Detail

This has helped me plenty while overseeing all marketing operations and employees at The W Spa. Catching small mistakes and optimizing little details is the difference between a good result, a great result, and a WOW result.

Independent Leadership

As an introverted, free-spirited, Mom-of-the-group type, I love to lead and cherish independence. I like to take ideas and run with them, but also recognize the value of collaboration. Count on me to be a self-starter and a solid leader.

Growth Mindset

Fifty self-help books and a zillion podcast episodes later, I understand the correlation between effort and success, and that as a fresh graduate I have a lot of learning to do and work to put in. That's why I'm interested in starting my marketing career- to build on my foundations and grow into my potential!



Thanks for stopping by! 

I look forward to hearing from you.



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